Services & Rates

All services include:

  • Feeding
  • Refreshing water
  • Play or walk time
  • Individual attention (belly rubs, cuddles, or brushing)
  • Litter box clean up
  • Poop scoop for backyard
  • Mail and paper retrieval.

We also provide these additional services when requested with NO extra charges:

  • Watering plants
  • Bins out for trash day
  • Lights/blind rotation
  • Medication administration
  • If you have a special request feel free to ask!

Meet & Greet:

Once you have registered as a client (see Client’s Corner on the HomePage) and scheduled your first service, you will receive an email with your welcome information. Your sitter will contact you via call or email, based on your preference, within 24 hours (M-F) to schedule your FREE meet and greet.* They will bring the notes you provided during online registration to make sure all necessary information is correct. This visit usually takes 30 minutes and gives the client, sitter and pets a chance to get comfortable with each other prior to your departure.

* Please provide full disclosure regarding pets’ unique quirks and behaviors during our consultation.The more information we have, the better we can care for your pet! Whenever possible please provide two copies of the entry key. Second copy is kept in the office for emergency back up accessible by management only.

Quick Trip:

15 minutes or less, these trips are perfect for those pets that need a bowl refresher and a quick litter scoop but prefer their alone time. If cage cleaning or watering plants is needed and takes more than 20 minutes a full visit is charged.
*Dogs that require more than 1 visit a day may be eligible for Quick Trips; please call, text or email for details.

Basic Visit:

Whether you have one pet that gets all the attention or need a little extra time to spread the love around, choose just what your pets need with plenty of options to keep the purrs coming and the tails wagging! Offered in 30, 45, or 60 minute long visits one to four times daily.

Overnight/House Sitting:

Have your sitter provide overnight pet care and house sitting services to give your pets extra attention and home added security.
This should be considered a 30-minute dinner visit, 9 hour “sleep” stay, and 30-minute morning visit. Your sitter, at their discretion, may
stay longer than the minimum 10 hours.   (8p-6a minimum stay)
*If your pets prefer dinner at a specific time earlier than the start of an overnight, a separate visit is scheduled and charged.

Visit Times:

These are the times services are offered. You and your sitter will discuss the ideal time to visit within these time blocks based on your pet’s needs. Visit times outside of these set hours are always available; please specify preference when scheduling appointment. Times are adhered to as closely as possible.

No Place Like Home’s first concern is your pets’ health and safety during the Central Valley summer. This is why we do not walk dogs when we feel the temperatures make it unsafe to do so. We are happy to provide these alternatives to get some of that energy out; we know that a tired dog, is a happy dog!

  • At Home Play:

    Fetch, tug-o-war, or good ol’ fashioned doggie wrestling; inside or outside if backyard provides enough shade.

  • Swimming:

    If your pup is a water lover and you don’t mind a little hair in the pool, we would be happy to play a game of pool fetch. Or maybe they just want to swim around on their own terms? That’s ok too!

  • Dog Park Trips:

    Consider a trip to your local dog park if your high energy pup(s) really needs to run around and get it all out. We will take your pup(s) to the most appropriate park based on location, your preference, and availability of shade and water.

Key Pick Up & Return:

After the initial free meet and greet a $7 fee will apply for each trip to pick up or drop off key. Eliminate this fee by either leaving a copy of your key securely on file with us or provide a “hide a key” on site.

If you ever lock yourself out, we are much cheaper than a locksmith! ($20 fee)

Adoption assistance:

FREE! We would be happy to help you find the next furry addition to your family by working with local rescues to find just the pet for you!
Receive 50% off a basic visit when you adopt from a local rescue or shelter. We are not a rescue or adoption service;
please do not contact us looking to place your pet in a new home.

Misc Services:

Nail trims, gland expression and subcutaneous fluid administration.
Please contact for pricing. These services are offered by the owner Jenna Bean, RVT, and/or by other qualified sitters with veterinary and
grooming experience.